Carolyn Reid

Head of Firefly, Australia

Carolyn’s multi-hyphenated career from a business journalist to an advertising agency creative director to a boutique qualitative consultant has been an incredibly diverse journey. At the heart of which lies her passion for brands, effective communication; indeed it is this zeal that makes her disarmingly engage people to open up and reveal refreshing insights.

Prior to joining Firefly, Carolyn founded and successfully ran an insights and brand strategy boutique called Buyology Lab for 10 years. During this time Firefly used her as a consultant regularly and managed to woo her finally in 2014 to head Firefly Australia.

She has had experience with both the B2B and B2C end of the business lines. Her forte though is to nurture creativity, innovation and new product development from the insight exploration and concept optimization stage to in-market impact.

Carolyn prides in being a solutions oriented person, her approach to life and work described best as “a glass half-full thinker”. Extremely driven and open minded, she champions the work ethic of“collaborative generosity” with clients, team members and stakeholders alike. So far, she has collaborated with 31 clients across industries.

Carolyn has been a Creative & advertising effectiveness awards winner. You might have heard her as the NBR Business Commentator on Paul Holmes’ 1ZB Breakfast Show (NZ’s No. 1 rating show).

Quick Facts:

  • On the personal front, she has a decided weakness for jewelry in a blue box, Alexander McQueen’s skulls & Jimmy Choos
  • Scared of heights she bungy-jumped 250ft (and No! she wouldn’t do it again)
  • Flew first class returning business class to report on the difference
  • Is an avid reader of books & magazines – now on her iPad (Apple loyalist)
  • Is a music lover, you are likely to catch her at the New Orleans Jazz Festival