Amy Ai

Account Director, Shanghai

Amy began her market research career seven years ago. With her natural curiosity and dedicated work ethic, she quickly rose through the ranks to became a qualitative project manager. At Firefly, Amy conducts research using a variety of methodologies in many different markets, including FMCG, consumer goods, financial services, banking, and cosmetics. She has moderated over 600 focus groups and in-depth interviews, including in-home and in-store visits, shop-a-longs and concept clinics.

Amy has a degree in marketing, and earned a certificate in Marketing Research Principles from the University of Georgia, USA.

Quick Facts:

  • Clients Amy has worked with: P&G, Philips, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Carlsberg, Starcom, Unilever, HP, Kohler, ANZ, McKinsey, Nokia, Wyeth, Kimberly-Clark, Ariston Thermo Group, Whatif and Lotto
  • Born and raised in Shanghai, Amy speaks fluent Mandarin, English and the Shanghai dialect
  • Loves to read and play cards
  • Enjoys traveling and collecting postcards