Angelica Wang

Associate Account Manager, Beijing

Angelica Wang, Research Executive and Moderator with Firefly Millward Brown, holds transcendent views in the field of strategic marketing, service marketing, branding, consumer behavior, new product development and especially in high tech commercialization.

In 2012, she worked for UniQuest, a top ranked high tech consulting agency, as an analyst. She focused on researching on mobile healthcare marketing penetration strategies and business models, an extremely valuable experience she’s been applying to her role within Millward Brown since 2013. Clients rounding out her diverse market research experience include Hewlett & Packard, LG, BMW, Lexus, Peugeot, Coca Cola and Arla Denmark.

Angelica is passionate about studying internal and external drivers that impact consumer purchasing behaviors. She has an aptitude for communicating with people and observing their behaviors by moderating in-depth interviews and focus groups. Always ready to dive-in and apply analytic thinking, she’s guided clients in marketing their products in practical and efficient ways.

Quick facts:

  • Angelica is a typical Aries, which means she’s independent, generous and optimistic and maybe sometimes a bit impulsive
  • She never shies away from a good hike, especially one with breath-taking views
  • She has a master’s degree in strategic marketing from the business school at the University of Queensland, Australia