Cheong Mun Ling

Account Director, Shanghai

Cheong Mun Ling, Account Director in Firefly Millward Brown’s Shanghai, China office, is interested in culture. Her curiosity about how it’s formed and how it shapes things for individuals in their personal and professional lives, fuels her qualitative research approach.

Most recently, Cheong’s immersion in the exploration of emotional responses and qualitative techniques is proving insightful. As a good listener who’s quiet, attentive and analytical, she’s in tune with consumers’ emotional association with brands and correlates that into understanding how brands can connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

Cheong’s educational background includes the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she received a master of arts in intercultural studies to the University of St. Andrews, where she received a master of arts in economics and Spanish. This experience and learning equips her to provide clients with a richer, in-depth read into the consumers in multicultural markets to interpret insights in broader, relevant cultural context.

Quick Facts:

  • When it comes to cultural research for branding and communication, usage and attitude studies and brand naming, she’s a pro -- assisting brands like Danone, Mondelez and L’Oreal.
  • Cheong is a unique INTJ breed of qualitative researcher with an intuitive and logical blend of traits that influence her methodologies and recommendations
  • Her fluency in multiple languages including English, Mandarin and Cantonese, feeds her fascination with witnessing how philosophy and culture are engrained, yet play out differently across demographics and populations