Eric Wang

Head of Firefly, Beijing

Eric has over six years of experience in market research, and has conducted over 500 focus groups and 250 interviews. His projects have spanned both B2B and B2C clients over a range of industries including technology, telecom, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, real estate, automobile and financial services. Eric has experience working on studies involving consumer value systems, lifestyle studies, U&A, segmentation, brand positioning, brand image, concept and storyboard development, customer satisfaction and more. Eric has a very collaborative approach to his work. He will often attend clients' workshops and brainstorming sessions in order to fully understand their marketing issues and goals, and to provide more actionable suggestions based on his research.

Eric holds a dual degree in Electronics and Economics from Peking University.

Quick facts:

  • Clients Eric has worked with include: Dell, Founder, Tecent, Yahoo!, Mobile, Snow Beer, Cadbury, Avery Dennison, Novartis, Shell Tongyi, CR Land, CITIC Capital, EEB, JCB, Cummins Inc., and Schneider Electric