Kahlen Fan

Account Director, Beijing

Kahlen has moderated over 300 focus groups and conducted hundreds of in-depth interviews for her clients. Her experience has given her a strong understanding of people from all walks of life. With a lively style, Kahlen creates a comfortable and exciting atmosphere for her groups. Her attitude and approach help her to garner true insight into consumer motivations for a broad range of clients. Kahlen’s work is focused primarily on new concept and product development, brand positioning, segmentation and storyboarding for advertising. She has led projects in a variety of categories, including educational services, telecom, financial services, media, electronic appliances, cosmetics, FMCG, and retail.

Quick facts:

  • Clients Kahlen has worked with include: Disney, The Economist, Financial Times, Pearson Education Group, Bank of China, Nokia, Walmart, Lenovo, LG, China Mobile, Disney Mobile, Baidu, Sina, Yahoo! China, Taobao, CondĂ© Nast (Vogue & SELF), Dior, Olay, Kanebo
  • Joined Firefly in 2005