Megan Li

Senior Research Executive, Beijing

Megan has pursued from the University of Hull and holds a Master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from the University of Hull as well. Always passionate about communication and advertising, she was clear and focused about her career choices from her student days. She enjoys unraveling insights that feed the marketing-communication process. And hence made research her home.

She started her career in July 2011 at Firefly Millward Brown and continues to grow roots here. The key clients she has worked with are Mengniu, BP, Volkswagen, Nestlé and Sell.

Megan describes herself as an extrovert, perceptive and easy-going. She enjoys research not just as a job but it fits well with her orientation in life – that of exploring and discovering.

Quick facts:

  • Megan enjoys music, is an ardent movie buff
  • She enjoys drawing cartoons
  • As expected she enjoys clothes but she takes it further by designing them herself too
  • She loves watching advertising from all over the world