Polly Jiao

Account Manager, Beijing

Polly holds a Master of Science with a major in Consumer Psychology from the Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Psychology, Beijing. She joined the market research field 8 years back and is also versatile as a moderator. She has worked with TNS, RI and Nielsen in the past. She joined the Firefly Millward Brown team in April 2013.

She has been exposed to both qualitative and quantitative projects. Polly has experience with most forms of qualitative research methodology. The key clients she has worked with are Audi, Caterpillar, Intel, Lenovo, Shell, Emerson, Qingdao Beer and Chrysler.

Conscientious, easy-going and straightforward is how she describes herself. She thoroughly enjoys peeling the layers to understand how consumers respond to the various facets of a product-brand matrix, how they choose and eventually derive their gratification from the consumerism process as a whole.

Quick facts:

  1. Reading books is her favorite pastime
  2. She enjoys travel and would like to do more of it as she goes along