Anvita Jain

Account Director, India

Anvita has spent her entire career in qualitative research, having worked at Indica Research, AC Nielsen and TNS prior to joining Firefly. She is passionate about meeting new people and understanding their needs, desires, fears and aspirations, which she turns into insights for her clients’ businesses. Anvita is known for her patience, easy-going nature and her ability to stay calm under pressure. She has in-depth knowledge of both traditional and innovative qualitative methods, and applies them to projects in the areas of communication development and consumer insights. Anvita specializes in need-segmentation and is excited by how these needs transcend geographic and cultural boundaries. She has experience across key industries including FMCG, tobacco, food and beverage, automotive, finance, lifestyle and social studies.

Anvita holds a Master’s of Marketing Management from Goa University, India.

Quick Facts:

  • Joined Firefly in 2010
  • A Mom to daughter, Nysa
  • Loves traveling and reading