Arvind Sharma

Project Management Executive, India

Arvind Sharma, a project management executive with Firefly MB, approaches qualitative market research with a clear vision of the people, personalities and behaviors to include and capture. Clients appreciate his ability to quickly translate business challenges and opportunities into the key findings they need to uncover through research.

With coursework in management, marketing and human resources and a previous career with IMRB international in human resources, Arvind is adept at building an easy, knowledgeable and trustworthy rapport with clients. He can also confidently pull together a team based on their skill sets to suit the unique business task to solve through creative market research methodologies. Managing all of the details and exceeding client expectations makes Arvind feel right at home.

Quick Facts:

  • Many people claim a love of singing, but Arvind has many vocal accolades he’s earned through competitions to prove he’s got a solid talent for it.
  • If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Arvind, you’d be good to find a sketchbook to hold all of his sketches of cartoon characters