Natasha Samuel

Research Associate, India

Natasha Samuel, a research associate with Firefly MB, has always had an interest in correlations between how the mind works and how any individual will behave in certain circumstances under varying scenarios. She fed this fascination through a master of sciences degree in psychology from Christ University, Bangalore and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Prior to joining Firefly MB, she honed in on consumer behavior in her psychology coursework. Now, with our team, she has a role where she directly applies this focus work to qualitative research. As a conversationalist with a genuine interest in people and their behavior, she not only skillfully encourages discussion, she quickly arrives at compelling insights. Her team at Firefly and clients both appreciate these insights because they produce solid, new direction for brands and a clear path to execution.

Quick Facts:

  • Natasha enjoys reading citing fiction and philosophy as her two favorite genres
  • She’s an easy target for a stray dog searching for attention! She’s passionate about owning a shelter home for animals in need in the future