Nitin Sharma

Head Of Firefly- Group Account Director, Indonesia

Nitin Sharma, Head Of Firefly, Group Account Director for Firefly Milward Brown in Indonesia, loves to listen to people and understand the stories they tell. He’s an advocate for understanding brands through a cultural lens that draws out the uncommonly known or recognized intangible essence. His beliefs and approaches to qualitative research have kept him engaged in discovering brand opportunities for close to a decade.

Contemplative by nature, Nitin is a leader in the application of consumer and market understanding, which informs strategy development. Clients rely on him for top-level strategy, innovation and portfolio management, competitive analysis and trend spotting.

When it comes to executing on large picture ideas, Nitin inspires his team through an ability to consistently bring his vision to reality through attention to tactical details. For example, in trend spotting activities for fast moving consumer goods in the beauty and personal care category, he’s drawn out successful brand insights by applying a unique understanding of cultural norms to the data sets. In the area of new product development he’s correlated blue ocean studies for product platform developments to match with emerging trends that are on point.

As Head Of Firefly at Milward Brown Indonesia, Nitin manages high-value client portfolios across research and strategic communications and serves as a change agent, ever-focused on preserving the strengths of the company in Indonesia and taking the performance to the next level.

Quick facts:

  • Nitin is a sports fanatic who’s an avid follower of soccer and tennis and a player of both the games.
  • With knowledge and interested founded in a master of business administration in marketing, he’s constantly thinking of vast and wide applications for ideas while simultaneously applying a refined sensitivity and logical implementation critique. Sometimes he even writes about it, which is another favorite creative outlet of his.