Priya Dudeja

Associate Account Director, Singapore

Priya Dudeja, Associate Account Director with Firefly Millward Brown, brings cultural and creative expertise in communications optimization, brand equity and semiotics. She understands the art and science behind consumer behavior and taps into this to build a strong foundation in the varied aspects of qualitative research-based consulting and branding.

Her experience with large global brands like Unilever, Carlsberg and SingTel across various markets in Asian Pacific and European regions, translates into informed insights that truly make a difference for brands. As a UL Accredited Research Lead and Moderator, she’s passionate about creating conversations that help brands get closer to their consumers.

A traveler at heart, Priya started her research career with UNICEF conducting social studies in the unexplored market segments of India. She soon moved to the consumer side of the business with IMRB managing projects both within and outside India, eventually continuing that journey with Added Value in Singapore. At Firefly, she’s recognized for her cultural insights, adaptability and refined, top-notch management capabilities.

Quick facts:

  • While obtaining a master’s degree in developmental psychology and a university scholarship award as a Delhi University Scholar, she always took every opportunity to travel, considering it another major in itself!
  • In her freetime, she takes in films and seeks to test her hand in creating local to national flavor in newfound recipes of the baked goods variety
  • Priya is drawn to dogs and they down-to-earth connectedness they provide. They help balance her out and align well with her fervour for spirituality