Sreeram Samala

Regional Director, South East Asia

Sreeram has over 15 years of qualitative research experience in India and the Middle East, and now South East Asia. At Firefly, Sreeram works on business development, as well as augmenting the portfolio of advanced tools and practices. As the Country Manager for qualitative business in Thailand, Sreeram not only trains and mentors new team members, but also manages the regional business for Unilever. Because of his diverse background, Sreeram brings a broad range of cultural knowledge of the markets in South East Asia, Middle East and India to the table. His keen analytical ability, coupled with a passion for understanding human behavior helps him uncover brand opportunities.

Sreeram holds a degree in Agricultural Sciences and a Post Graduation Qualification in Rural Management.

Quick Facts:

  • Clients Sreeram has worked with: Unilever, Kraft Foods, Nestlé, Friesland, General Motors, Cadbury Adams, and Dihatsu
  • Extensive experience in psychodynamic tools, models, and methodologies
  • Has presented at many conferences, including ESOMAR
  • Is responsible for training new team members across South East Asia, and growing Firefly’s footprint across the region