Yeonjeong Kim

Account Manager, South Korea

Yeonjeong Kim, Account Manager with Firefly Millward Brown in Seoul, South Korea, has over ten years of qualitative research experience. After gaining a Bachelor's in Marketing and a Master’s of Business Administration from Pusan National University, South Korea, she embarked upon a marketing-focused career at an electronic company. Throughout marketing roles, she honed her expertise in new product development from planning and marketing to execution and communication in categories like beauty, health, home appliances and fast moving consumer goods.

Yeonjeong discovered a passion for the research component of marketing, specifically exploratory research where she could dive deep into consumer needs. In her work with clients and brands including LG Electronics, Samsung, Chanel, L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, Bel, Amway, Beiersdorf and SK Telecom, she conducted shopper behavior observational research and led other projects along the new product development cycle.

Since joining Firefly in 2012, Yeonjeong has embraced a lead role in developing new research approaches. She eagerly introduces effective research processes and evaluates findings to provide strategic and actionable insights to clients.  

Quick facts:

  • Yeonjeong gave a presentation on ‘Application of Projective Technique in Research’ as an invited guest lecturer by the Korean Association for Study Research.
  • Active and curious to a fault, new adventures seem to seek her out. She also believes these experiences help her appreciate and understand others’ life stories.
  • Some people crave routine and familiarity, but not Yeonjeong. True to a researcher’s nature, she thrives in social settings with diversity and varying viewpoints.