Youngmi Lee

Executive Director, South Korea

Youngmi Lee, Executive Director with Firefly Millward Brown in Seoul, Korea, has led a wide-range of strategic projects. She has an understanding of both Korean and Western cultures based in real-world and career experience that informs her research at global and local levels. Clients and co-workers alike attest to the passion, forthrightness and accountability she brings to every single project.

Youngmi earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Ewha Woman’s University where she intensively studied marketing. Over nearly 20 years in her marketing and qualitative research career, her client companies and agency roles are well balanced. She’s a unique asset to the Firefly team because of her varied experience that enables her to deliver an invaluable point of view.

Her experience prior to joining Firefly includes roles as regional marketing director for a food and beverage company in the Asian Pacific region; a brand manager for a global Korean company; and a researcher in both top Korean research company. In these roles while at Burger King Asia Pacific, LGTeleCom and HRC (Hankook Research) she’s touched and influenced creative development and brand equity and positioning for top clients including Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Nestle, ABI and Coca-Cola.

Quick facts:

  • Youngmi’s balanced career that stems from both client company and agency experience gives her top-level vision of deeper-rooted business challenges. And she possesses the necessary boldness to take on and create new approaches to solve them.
  • A blend of compassion and appreciation for rules and goal-setting inform how Youngmi skillfully listens and understands people while also keeping projects on course with reality-checks related to financial and qualitative goals.
  • If career and workload tends to overwhelm, Youngmi knows the best escape is time with her children free-styling to American hip-hop artist Busta Rhyme