Phan Bui Quy Thanh

Account Manager, Vietnam

Possessing both dynamic and vibrant energy, key member of the Firefly Millward Brown Vietnam team and qualitative researcher of 6 years, Thanh is also recognized for delighting her clients with her ‘can do’ attitude. She is a talented moderator with vast experience in diverse qualitative methodologies from in-depth interviews and focus groups to ethnography and accompanied shop-alongs.  Thanh also expertly utilizes one of Millward Brown’s key products—Pre-link.

Through the years, she has moderated many types of target audiences, from average consumers to high-profile respondents, such as doctors, senior managers and other professionals across a wide range of industry categories, including consumer durables, food, beverages, skincare, healthcare and technology.

Thanh holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pedagogy in Vietnam.

Quick facts: 

  • Clients Thanh has worked with: Unilever, Kraft, Akzo Nobel, Nokia, Samsung, P&G, Kimberly Clark, Yahoo, CBM, Abbott, GEI and Beiersdorf.
  • Thanh has been a Unilever-accredited moderator since March, 2012

Personal facts:

  • Is skillful at making hand-made things like greeting cards
  • Does not sing well but loves karaoke