Dita Olchavová

Senior Research Executive, Czech Republic

Dita’s curiosity is one of her strongest motivators when doing research – when there’s a question, she doesn’t stop working until she finds the answer. This is why she is especially motivated by unconventional projects with seemingly impossible challenges that allow her to think outside the box. Dita is skilled at leading focus groups, coordinating and analyzing client internal workshops, and conducting in-depth interviews as well as informal off-site gatherings with respondents. In addition, she’s worked on accompanied shopping trips and is a local Eye-tracking champion.

Dita holds a degree in Sociology from Charles University, Prague, with a specialization in Applied Sociological Research.

Interesting/quick facts:

  • Clients Dita has worked with: Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Raiffeisenbank, Česká pojišťovna (Czech leader on insurance market), Avon, IKEA, Česká spořitelna (Czech leader on banking market), Perfetti Van Melle, and Discovery Channel
  • Joined Firefly in 2006
  • The most enthusiastic (though not skilled…) member of the company badminton team!