Francesca Gessner

Project Manager, Italy

Francesca Gessner, Project Manager for Firefly Millward Brown Milan, Italy, has been thriving in a qualitative project manager role for over six years and brings ten years of experience in qualitative market research to the Firefly team. This all translates to a wealth of experience in making projects run smoothly, which has a little to do with science and process and a lot to do with the art of multi-tasking.

Francesca’s ability to predict what clients and teams need before anyone is even thinking about asking for it is noteworthy. Her understanding of all elements of the research process and potential set backs makes her a valuable asset. She has a knack for ensuring researchers do the right thing at the right time, which is particularly important when it comes to complex and time-consuming international and multi-country studies.

Responsible for making everything happen in a connected, efficient manner, she keeps the top level view well within her sights while managing the intersecting people and tasks on a smaller scale. Francesca shifts frequently between writing, screening and recruiting respondents and dealing with requests. She’s skilled at sharing necessary information with others to ensure that there is always someone in the office who understands any particular project’s needs.

Quick facts:

  • She earned her diploma from the Swiss School and degrees in Interpreting and Communication, and Literary and Scientific Translation from IULM University, both in Milan, Italy.
  • Francesca is extremely focused on all of the moving parts within her role and succeeds due to a high level of curiosity, desire to help and friendly demeanor, which yields cooperation in spades!