Ilaria Ciapponi

Senior Research Executive, Italy

Ilaria is a psychologist who has been in the qualitative research industry for over 7 years having worked at Oto research – Fullsix groups (market research and digital marketing agency) before joining Firefly Millward Brown in 2011.

She has had experience in communication studies, concept recycling-testing and brand assessment. She has coordinated projects across Europe for such clients as Unilever, Nestlè, Soremartec, and Ferrero.

She has acquired competence in online research both in terms of the approach-methodology spectrum as well as the object of research and study (web communication, web site analysis etc).

Ilaria has a cheerful disposition and is very precise in her choices and opinions, she knows her mind well.

Ilaria studied at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and completed her Honors degree in Marketing Psychology and Consumer Behavior.

Quick facts:

  • She is passionate about the connection with Nature and all things Natural. She has a keen interest in the organic way of life from organic food and nutrition to cooking to beauty.
  • She also explores and likes to read about alternate/natural medication options with a keen interest in homeopathy.
  • She has a real passion for handmade crafts, homemade creations such as jewelry, cosmetics and detergent.
  • With such a keen interest in all things organic and natural, it is most “natural” she loves spending time outdoors, she likes all kinds of sports particularly running.
  • She loves traveling with a spirit of discovering new cultures.