Paola De Antoni

Senior Research Executive, Italy

Refreshingly grounded Paola is a wonderful blend of the traditional and the modern in her life choices. When not at work, you will find her retreating to her delightful world of books, nature, and baking.

She has been a researcher for over 15 years with experience across markets and categories such as food, publishing, toys, clothing, pharmaceutical, insurance, etc. Some of the key clients she has worked with include Amplifon, Axa, Lilly, Cameo, Angelini and Ferrero.

She has experience with communications studies, product development & testing, concept testing and brand assessment. She is particularly good with specific target groups i.e. kids and the senior citizens segment.

Paola is inquisitive by nature. Being conscientious is important to her and she finds extending a helpful hand to others the most natural thing to do.

She has a degree in Philosophy from Univerisit√† Statale, Milan. She wrote her dissertation on Developmental Psychology.  

Quick facts:

  • Paola loves burying herself in books particularly fiction and surprise-surprise essays on literature!
  • She likes baking chocolate cakes
  • In this age of wires and things that run on electricity, she loves the old world hobby of knitting woolen sweaters
  • A nature lover at heart, she loves taking long walks in the country side, biking and traveling abroad