Niki Schroeder

Head of Firefly, Netherlands

Niki Schroeder, Head of Firefly Millward Brown, Netherlands, is a high-energy creative branding and communication consultant who is passionate about building meaningful brands. At the heart of this passion is a refined discipline for the creative process ensuring stakeholders’ voices are heard through expert communication management.

Niki places innovation at the core and operates on the philosophy of daring to be different which only works, she says, if you consistently stick with that decision. Consumer insights and understanding the client’s business and its capabilities bring context to her approach. As an expert consultant, she has worked for a breadth of clients from professional services and financials to fast-moving consumer goods and medical companies.

Over her career in qualitative research, Niki has gained valuable experience with strategic research, creative development and workshop moderation. The co-creation process is second-nature to her. She thrives in a client-driven, analytic discussion and enjoys being the voice of pragmatism and a strong sparring partner. Clients as well as her team appreciate her enthusiasm, collaborative approach and practiced methodologies that allow for flow of creativity, check-ins to stay the course and consistent implementation of positioning.

Quick Facts:

  • She enjoys cooking, a good meal, travelling and spending time with her boys – all independent of each other, but it’s the ultimate treat when these all culminate in one, fun-filled weekend!
  • Niki holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design (Innovation Management) from the Technical University Delft, which informs her conceptual views and ability to envision brand experiences.