Alan Lobo

Director, Northern Ireland

Alan is an optimistic and hard-working professional who has over 20 years of research experience.  He is particularly passionate about finding the “holy grail of Qualitative research” – namely, understanding what really drives people in their attitudes and behaviors. Since joining the research field in 1989, Alan has developed and enhanced a number of techniques to this effect. His expertise lies both in commercial and social research with a specialization in the complexities of advertising and branding studies.

Alan earned a B.A. with honors in Mental and Moral Sciences, with a concentration in Psychoanalysis.

Quick Facts:

  • Clients Alan has worked with include: Allied Bakeries, British Telecom, Sky, Eurospar, The National Trust, Titanic Belfast
  • Has conducted many social studies for Government-run information campaigns
  • Enjoys cycling, educating, and cooking
  • In his spare time, Alan enjoys solving people’s domestic IT problems