Mariusz Rzanny

Director, Central & Eastern Europe

Mariusz started his adventure in market research in the early ’90s when he joined SMG/KRC, which was acquired by Millward Brown in 1999. He began as a focus group leader and qualitative analyst, and eventually became a research team leader. Mariusz’s approach to research is to develop a friendly, family-like atmosphere within the team in order to promote a fun and cohesive work environment. He specializes in advertising research, but is also passionate about studies involving consumer insight and brand strategy. In addition, Mariusz is trained in quantitative methodologies, and often supervises complex qualitative-quantitative research projects. 

Mariusz holds a degree from the Department of Philosophy and Sociology at Warsaw University.

Quick Facts:

  • Clients Mariusz has worked with: Nestlé, Toyota, Diageo, T-Mobile, Pekao S.A. (UniCredit), Carlsberg and BAT
  • Joined Firefly in 1991
  • Provides trainings for qualitative teams in Ukraine, Romania and Turkey