Paweł Ciacek

Client Service Director & New Product Development Director, Poland

In 1989, Paweł first started recruiting respondents for focus groups, leading him to co-found SMG/KRC Poland in 1992. Since that time, he has conducted countless focus groups and individual interviews in order to influence how brand strategy is formed and implemented. In addition, Paweł contributed to the development of Firefly’s Idea Cards methodology, and is eager to combine biometric data and qualitative insights in further products. He has worked in many varied fields, including FMCG, telecom and banking.

Paweł holds a degree from the Sociology Department of University of Warsaw.

Quick facts:

  • Eager to engage in and fight for social causes
  • Worked on the strategy for Poland’s 2007 voter turnout campaign, called “Change Country, Go Voting,” which received a Gold Effie Award in 2008