Andreea Dîrzu

Senior Qualitative Researcher, Romania

Andreea simply gravitated towards market research while studying Psychology and hasn’t stopped since. She completed her Bachelor of Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Bucharest University.

She firmly believes that Qualitative Market Research is not a profession that is usually something you grow up wanting to do but it is a “way of life” that “grows” on you. The same thing happened to her as she first got exposed to Market Research in Media & Television. 8 years later here she is still here and has now gained exposure to several industries such as Banking, Financial Services, Food & Beverages, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Fast Moving Consumer Goods to name a few.

The key clients she has worked with include ING, Danone, Hochland, Nestlé, Orange and Tupperware. Before joining Firefly Milward Brown, she has worked with Mappers Consult, Anamnesis Consult and Business Personal Company (MEDIA PRO).

When asked what is the thing she likes most about her work, she is found responding that there is never a dull moment in Market Research and most importantly constant access to “real life”.

Outgoing, optimistic, curious and dependable, she is passionate about life period.

Quick facts:

  • Andreea is left-handed and believes that the world is made for right-handers.
  • She is a coffee lover and enthusiast.
  • She admires art and enjoys it in various forms.
  • Corny as it sounds, she is as attracted to anything new and trendy as a firefly is towards light.