Ioana Oprica

Qualitative Researcher, Romania

Ioana believes that she was born to explore and push boundaries. That she has done even with her professional choices. She studied at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration at Faculty of Political Sciences and passed with a specialization in Sociology.

She started her professional career as an expert in social and political studies within Agency for Governmental Strategies of the Romanian Government. She worked in several government agencies; from August 2006 till May 2009 at The Government of Romania - Agency for Governmental Strategies (ASG), from May 2009 – June 2011 at The Government of Romania -The National Commission of Hospitals Accreditation. She joined Firefly Millward Brown in September 2011.

This rich and diverse experience has helped her to develop a multi-dimensional vision regarding any subject she has investigated since then. She firmly believes that without a context we can only guess business decisions. As a qualitative market researcher, her previous exposure to quantitative and qualitative methods helps her to better approach client needs and avoid selling tools over solutions. Since  joining this field she has worked with clients from FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Electronics, Home Appliances, Telecommunications and Isolated Banking. At heart she always prefers the challenges of a “not-yet explored” industry or consumer segment in order to discover it with the enthusiasm of a novice.

The key clients she has worked with include Sab Miller, GlaxoSmithKline and Chipita amongst others.

Creative, upbeat, reliable, action-oriented, independent, passionate and extremely active are the words she uses to describe herself.

Quick facts:

  • She is always seeking life changing experiences, the explorer streak is always seeking more.
  • She loves to travel and experience new cultures & wines
  • She sees herself as a visionary, she is not someone who follows convention. Her quest is to explore, she seeks truth from her own life-experience.