Monica Macovei

Qualitative Research Manager, Romania

Monica holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from the Academy of Economic Studies and she further pursued a Masters Degree in Marketing and Business Communication at the same institution. During all this time, her dream job was in an Advertising Agency.

However, life had different plans for her and she joined Millward Brown in 2002 as her first ever corporate assignment. 12 years later here she is and loving it. Initially she joined (Daedalus) Millward Brown to work as a quantitative researcher but her analytical skills were noticed, as also her absolute lack of talent with numbers. She switched to being a Qualitative Market Researcher and has stayed so. She is most passionate about playing and experimenting with qualitative tools to reveal deep consumer thoughts and feelings.

She is very open in her approach to life and work alike. She loves to put her head together with other team members to come up with creative solutions for clients' needs. The key clients she has worked with include Vodafone, Raiffeisen and SAB Miller amongst others.

Totally informal, she loves meeting new people, and particularly looks forward to coordinating international studies.
Positive, calm, empathetic and friendly is how people usually describe her.

Quick facts:

  • Monica owns a quarter of a ULM plane & a pilot school, this in spite of her fear of heights!
  • She is a Nature lover and that is the source of her life energy. However she is not an insect lover and is completely unapologetic about this disclaimer.