Anna Baskakova

Qualitative Research Co-Director, Russia

Anna takes prides in her positive attitude towards life. It is this approach that makes her what she calls “stress-resistant”. Sociable since childhood, she holds a degree in Sociology from the Moscow State University (named after Lomonosov), Russia. She joined ARMI-Marketing in 2000. She has worked with leading international and local research organizations such as MACRO International and Qualitel Data Services as well.

Currently she co-heads the qualitative department at Firefly Milward Brown and is responsible for the supervision of qualitative research projects, developing qualitative methodology, and client management.

Anna focuses on ethnographic research, creative focus-groups, brand diagnostics, concept labs and consumer needs studies. Her work spans multiple categories, but her favourites are the health, personal care, pharmaceutical and confectionary industries.

Amongst the vast body of clients, the key clients she has worked with include Nestle, Colgate, Coca Cola, Nutricia, Astra Zeneca and Ferraro.

Quick personal facts:

  • Anna loves being a mother to her two daughters, the role she finds most gratifying.
  • She has a unique hobby, in this day and age of shelf purchases, she enjoys making hand-made decorations
  • Musically inclined, she loves playing the piano.