Anna Yusupova

Senior Research Manager, Russia

Anna Yusupova, Senior Research Manager. Firefly Millward Brown, ARMI-Marketing, Russia, studies consumers' opinions with efficacy, enthusiasm and inspiration. She demonstrates active involvement in every project, diving deeply into consumers' lifestyle, perception of categories and stimulus. At the strategic level, she pushes beyond seemingly obvious answers to continuing refining and narrowing in on the more profound type of insights uncovered through brand equity and positioning.

Before joining the Firefly team in 2010, Anna was a journalist in business media. Well-suited in personality to the exploratory fields of journalism and research, she's built expertise in the area of creative development notably in the areas where communication methods and messaging are essential.

Among Anna's major clients are companies like PepsiCo, Mondelez and Jacobs Rus. As a gifted communicator, groups invite her to the table to serve as a moderator and analyst for such brands as Milka, Alpen Gold, Picnic, Belvita, Carte Noire, Jacobs Monarch, Barni and TUC. She facilitates findings by calling on her diverse skill sets including a knack for numbers, a keen business sense, research methodology know-how and communications savvy.

Quick facts:

  • Anna enjoys writing articles about marketing for media as an occasional creative outlet that accelerates overlying insights for her to draw upon in psychology and business.
  • Anna holds a degree in economics from the Russian State Social University, and also completed the program, Marketing Communication in Media industry, at Moscow State Lomonosov University.