Gregory Andriadis

Head of Research Group, Russia

Gregory Andriadis, Head of Research Group, Firefly Millward Brown, ARMI-Marketing, Russia, landed with Firefly in 2003, and has been instrumental in providing clients and internal teams with refreshing views and new perspectives ever since. A leader with kindness and empathy abound, Gregory loves people as they are and doesn’t want them to change. This inert value, born out of his degree in Linguistics from Saint-Petersburg State University, informs his process and approach on a daily basis.

In his role as the head of research, he spends a good deal of his time on creative focus groups and workshops, brand diagnostics and sensitive category studies. Also essential in his position is a high degree of comfort across multiple industries. He has this in respectable amounts, yet when pressed to share his favorites, beer and alcohol, tobacco, cars and motor oils as well as healthcare rise to the top. His work with Carlsberg, Philip Morris, Shell and Pfizer is reflective of these passions.

In a further deep-dive into Gregory’s background and experience, one discovers new product development for multiple projects in high-tech, motor oil categories; brand equity and positioning for multiple projects in various categories and segments; and creative development workshops and projects on tobacco and alcohol product concepts. He continues to hone in on research methodologies and their applications for Firefly clients with unsurpassed creativity, accuracy and attention to detail.

Quick facts:

  • His collective interests in both rock music and classical literature culminate in an unusual blend of high energy and emotive resonance to inform the approaches and techniques he uses in research and life.
  • While studying linguistics in St. Petersburg, Russia, Gregory found many ways to infuse learning in language and culture into research that he credits as his foundation for career today.