Marina Belianchikova

Senior Qualitative Consultant, Russia

Marina Belianchikova, Senior Qualitative Consultant for Firefly Millward Brown, ARMI-Marketing, in Russia, brings unparalleled perspectives to clients seeking qualitative research results with healthcare applications at the core. She thrives in the client-facing aspect of her role and most truly energized when she's developing creative solutions for clients.

In her sixteen years of qualitative research, 12 of them with Millward Brown, she's led and been involved with category and target exploration, new product development, cultural strategy, segmentation and creative development. Prior to her career's extensive focus in research, she studied psychology at Moscow Lomonosov University and also holds a master's of science degree in Medical Science from the Moscow Research Institute of Mental Health.

Marina's knowledge of the healthcare industry and behavioral health, makes her of prime research mind to conduct studies and work with clients in the pharmaceutical industry like Abbott, Novartis, Astra Zeneca, Jansen and Sandoz. She's also been at the helm of a wide scope of projects for global and local pharma clients, both with the patients and healthcare providers. Considered an expert in the field of healthcare-related qualitative research, she's known for her reliable and methodical process and friendly and approachable demeanor.

Quick facts:

  • Marina is a keen writer and is a columnist for monthly magazine called Diabet Obraz Zhizni (Diabetes as a Style of Life)
  • She leads seminars and discussions for doctors with key opinion leaders in endocrinology, acting as a specialist in patient psychology all over Russia.
  • In her spare time, she authoring two distinctive books; one about the psychological traits of different patients and types of doctors and two anything and everything that inspires an intriguing yet short fictional story.