Natalia Krymskaya

Senior Research Manager, Russia

Natalia Krymskaya, Senior Re=search Manager for Firefly Millward Brown in Russia, ARMI-Marketing, builds on seven years of experience as a qualitative research manager and moderator to continually evolve her understanding of people and satisfy her natural curiosity. Her expertise is rooted in research methodologies and tools including ethnographic and shopper studies, wide-ranging exploratory projects, advertising, concept, and pack testing; and online focus groups and forums.

An avid Firefly team member since 2008, Natalia draws upon knowledge gained over six years in previous marketing roles for international companies and clients from Unilever, Beiersdorf, Upeco, Sberbank, Diagio, Ehrmann, Sanofi, Amway and Henkel. Her clients and team members alike cite her skilled ability to seek ways to apply insights to her current client projects, no matter the scale or scope.

Natalia studied management and strategic marketing through the RIMA Program at Moscow State University of Management, and received supplementary professional education in psychology that helps her better understand respondents and enjoy fruitful conversations with them. Her genuine interest in people never rests. It informs her empathetic and sociable approach and provides an authentic avenue into the motivations of others.

Quick facts:

  • Even the most tireless inquisitive researcher needs some downtime. When this happens, you'll find Natalia quietly reading a novel or diligently embroidering her latest piece.
  • Natalia enjoys skiing and skating in winter and rollerskating and bicycling in the summer, activities made all the more adventurous when accompanied by her children.