Maite Toro

Research Services Manager, Spain

Serving a total of 27 years with Millward Brown, Maite‚Äôs career track at Firefly Millward Brown, Spain (formerly Millward Brown) included several pivotal roles and responsibilities (including charting, project and field operations manager, among others), that led to her developing great qualitative research, people management and troubleshooting skills.  Maite is a valuable asset to the team, has a proactive approach and is a great communicator.  She recently transitioned her long-standing career at Firefly into a role as Research Services Manager. 

Quick Facts:

  • She has primarily worked with client, Reputation Institute. She is responsible for the management of all studies, in all countries (including Spain, Latin America, Brazil, USA, and Turkey, etc.) for this client.
  • She transitioned to the role of Project Manager at Firefly Millward Brown in 2013.
  • In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening, and spending quality time with her friends to talk, laugh, and enjoy their company.
  • Likes the beauty of nature and outdoor activities such as, nature walks and hiking.