Lyubov Mukhina

Head of Qualitative Department, Ukraine

Lyubov is one of those rare individuals who knew her passion from her adolescence itself. She was interested in psychology and it is that interest that led her to a career in market research. She holds a Masters degree in Sociology (including teaching practice) and graduated from Shevchenko Kyiv National University. Further she is a trained Psychotherapist having graduated from the Moscow Gestalt Institute

She has 10 years research experience behind her across a broad range of territories - mineral water, beer and drinks, dairy products, CSD, snacks, confectionary, tobacco products, sunflower oil, culinary, coffee, rice, sausages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, mass media (TV, press), banks, audio- and video equipment, home appliances, mobile connection, fast-food restaurants. The key clients she has collaborated with include LG Electronics, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Pepsico, IDS, Kraft Foods, Bunge, life:), LG, JTI, Sanofi, Danone, Molson Coors, Avokado, Sony, Tetra Pak etc.

Prior to joining Firefly Millward Brown in 2008 she has worked with TNS Ukraine and Ipsos Ukraine.

Her colleagues love her sense of humor; she is friendly and flexible in her approach to life.  She has the curiosity bug-which drives most researchers and is creative.

Quick and personal facts:

  • Lyubov is a nomad at heart and loves to travel, she likes to learn about different nations from within experiencing their culture not merely as a tourist
  • Collects musical instruments from all over the world and sometimes plays them
  • Enjoys riding bicycles and playing intellectual games
  • Is happy to work with talented and creative people and simply loves research