Steve Hales

Head of Firefly, UK

Driven by a passion for influencing effective business decision making, Steve’s 30 years in market research have involved working with many of the world’s biggest brands.

His professional pathway has encompassed the client side, boutique research firms and very large research agencies. This has given Steve a very rich dual perspective of how the insight creation process works that drives decisions and also how to leverage the brand, organization culture and infrastructure to make sure this insight is fed into the business process.

Prior to joining Firefly Millward Brown Steve worked at Brooke Bond Oxo and Pegram Walters. He was part of the team that built the global qualitative division of Synovate which eventually became Ipsos.

He has a strong client focus and continuously seeks new solutions which help us to better understand how people’s brains use information to create brands and therefore how decisions are made. This curiosity and appetite for questioning is what lies at the heart of Steve’s motivation 30 years on!

Steve obtained a degree in Biological Sciences specializing in Ecology at the University of East Anglia, at the time a leading light in this area of scientific development.

Quick facts:

  • Collaborative as Steve is in his approach, what sets him apart is his own brand of irreverence. He has collaborated with a huge body of clients across almost every industry, some of notables would be HSBC, Hennessy, AMEX, Unilever and SABMiller.
  • Steve has broken most things on the right side of his body during a 20 year rugby career.