Tracy Box-Simmons

Practice Director, UK

Tracy has more than 20 years of project management experience, responsible for the operations and logistics side of the business. She has spent her professional life at Millward Brown, which means that she can talk with some authority about not merely qualitative methodologies, but also quantitative solutions.

Over the years, Tracy has managed an extensive range of projects including pharmaceutical, car clinics, IT, FMCG, and finance to name just a few. She has handled both UK and international projects, one of which incorporated nine countries. These types of projects involve patience, excellent organizational skills and a constant sense of humour! In her role as Practice Director she is responsible for overseeing costings, procurement, quality standards accreditation, harmonizing global protocols and liaising with the R&D team, in addition to her more general role as a ‘fixer’!

Quick Facts:

  • Started at Millward Brown in the Qual team in 1989, when only one office existed!
  • Collects paperweights by Peter McDougall (but that’s top secret!!)
  • Has had her hair dyed every colour of the rainbow over the last 20 years.