Zoe Shires

Project Director, UK

Zoe Shires, Project Director with Firefly Millward Brown, efficiently manages all operational aspects of research-driven projects. As an assertive, highly organized, committed member of the Firefly team, she expertly channels and directs all of the information and tasks with our fieldwork teams and suppliers to ensure high quality sample, translations, fieldwork, and delivery to schedule.

Prince 2 and Six Sigma qualified, Zoe brings best practices and methodologies to the operational side of any project. She has 10 years of experience managing operational aspects of the research process with a specialty focus in healthcare since 2009 with clients like GSK, Astra Zeneca, Baxter Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson Visioncare.

Zoe, multi-tasker extraordinaire, concurrently gathers relevant information on project status and keeps the client’s goals top of mind. Clients appreciate her ability to manage their project, keep them in the loop and recognize when and how they need to be effectively involved in the process. Involved at the front end of projects with scheduling and research planning and at the back end for analytics, Zoe is the key player in maintaining data accuracy, research consistency and insightful, reliable outcomes.

Quick facts:

  • Zoe has a keen interest in international business, which fuelled her desire to learn a language other than Russian: German
  • Prior to focusing on research in the healthcare industry, she was immersed in the retail world while at Next Retail, a UK-based fashion and design-oriented retailer
  • Zoe has participated in two Kantar Challenges including the Three Peaks Challenge and the Andes to Amazon Bike Ride to raieg £2,600 for Unicef.  On her next milestone birthday, she’s set her sights on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro