Bruno Spadasi de Souza Marinho

Qualitative Researcher, Brazil

Bruno Spadasi de Souza Marinho, Qualitative Researcher with Firefly Millward Brown in Brazil, comes to Firefly with experience in various market research tasks from qualitative recruitment to result analysis.

Bruno is intrigued with brand equity and positioning, logging many hours in focus group exploration. He has a high comfort level in category and target exploration; investigating, interviewing and correlating in-person research with behavior revealed through applications like WhatsApp and blog comments and dialogue. You’ll also find him in his element, leading creative development workshops designed to tap into brand passion.

With a willingness to dive in and absorb all there is to learn on a subject, he’s immersed himself in cultures, communities and industries from the daily life of Brazilian mothers and their children to civil construction and alcoholic beverages. While on the job at Firefly, he draws from his previous experience at companies including Outliers and Kpesquisas and top brands like L’oreal, Diageo and Nestlé.

Quick facts:

  • Bruno enjoys engagement on various levels, from passively taking in a movie to unwind to actively challenge his problem-solving skills through unraveling puzzles and playing mind games.
  • Bruno earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul and continues to toy with new directions for learning to branch out in his career and field of expertise.
  • His friendly and easygoing manner paired with a firm resolve and dedication, earned him his stripes as a quality qualitative researcher.