Ricardo Perez Menetti

MB Exclusive Consultant, Brazil

Ricardo Perez Menetti, Executive Consultant with Millward Brown in Brazil, has broad and deep experience in qualitative research, especially in the areas of innovation, research and development oriented qualitative techniques and neuromarketing. With an entrepreneurial mindset and approach, he founded Lilian Matias K Pesquisas, a boutique firm specializing in qualitative studies. It was here that he honed his ability to stay focused on key clients across different sectors, touching and influencing their brands with a high level of consistency and impact.

When his company was bought by Millward Brown in 2014, Ricardo seamlessly transitioned into his role at Firefly by supporting Lilian Matias client Nestlé and tackling project work for Big Idea Studies, a Millward Brown client since 2005. For the past year he’s been immersing himself in all phases from ethnographies to the manifesto´s evaluation, completing more than 18 Big Idea Studies in one year for Nestlé.

Ricardo, known for being easy-going, focused and realistic, delivers brand equity and positioning insights for clients. His expertise in cognitive processes lends itself well in new product development and category and target exploration. Clients he’s worked with like L’oreal, Diageo, O Boticário, Twinnings and Cola-Cola appreciate his consumer behavior analysis and creative development skills.

Quick facts:

  • Ricardo has an atelier where he spends his free time on all things art, sculpture and jewelry.
  • Ricardo holds bachelor’s degrees in product engineering and a program of studies degree in psychopedagogy with an emphasis in cognitive processes, both from the Universidade de São Paulo (USP).
  • His impressive line-up of other companies he’s worked with include VW, Nissan, Renault, Peugeot, LG, Sony Samsung, Heineken, Citibank and Unilever.