Dariela Jeldes

Account Group Director, Chile

Dariela Jeldes, Account Group Director, Firefly Millward Brown, brings eight years of experience and expertise in addressing the most challenging market research questions. A psychologist by training, she has a knack for diving into what motivates consumers to action.

Dariela not only understands motivational complexities, but translates them creatively into brand positioning. Clients value her insight because it’s closely tied to innovation and grounded in the right methodology to back new directions. Additionally, her qualitative research, ethnographic studies and semiotic analysis approach viably supports advertising and communication concepts to customer segmentation and characterization.

Extensive experience in the evaluation of new products and services with a focus in retail in food and technology segments round out her portfolio.

Quick Facts:

  • When left to her own creative devices in the kitchen, Dariela becomes quite the culinary master
  • She regularly gets crafty with paints and decoupage
  • If you think innovation can’t be taught, attend an innovation workshop with Dariela and prepare to let your creative juices flow