Christian Andrés

Research Manager, Central America

Christian Andrés, Research Manager with Firefly Millward Brown, boasts an impressive track record built over the previous three years. He’s moderated more than 220 focus groups, 30 ethnographic interviews / immersions and 40 in-depth interviews. More on the extroverted side, he establishes trust in focus groups from housewives to high-risk individuals and expertly allows them to be open while channeling results back to the client’s objectives.

Christian leads four teams of project executives and is involved in the majority of qualitative studies, either by guiding the technique selection or by exercising constructive critique for final reports. You’ll find him in his element in front of a group either presenting research findings or moderating a well-balanced discussion.

As a member and representative of ESOMAR, the world association with members in over 130 countries designed to promote the value of market and opinion research in illuminating real issues and bringing about effective decision-making, he has influence and access to invaluable trends and insight.

Quick Facts:

  • Christian has a university degree in Marketing from Universidad de San Pedro Sula and an MBA from Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid, Spain
  • He’s an avid beach-goer, citing it one of the best places for reflection and re-energizing
  • In a past life, he was a good soccer player. Now he still loves the game and lives vicariously through televised viewing