Jorge Martin Frech

Managing Director, Central America

Jorge Martin Frech is a Managing Director at Firefly & Mercaplan Millward Brown. In his role, he is oversees holistic business development for the company and is involved in the organization and design stages of most qualitative studies. Because of his extensive experience and ability to hold a top-level view, he is pivotal in bringing a global context to Firefly MB’s approaches and best practices.

Jorge leads teams during the different stages of qualitative projects, offering guidance and perspective to propel projects forward. At the qualitative level, he usually observes sessions, or sometimes moderates the first sessions of the studies that have special or different approaches.

Determined and highly motivated, Jorge has led the Central American region for over 17 years, commanding six countries and seven offices. He’s an expert in honing in on the details that drive attainable and measureable conclusions and recommendations.

Quick Facts:

  • Jorge holds a BA in Marketing from Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (México) and an MBA from State University of New York
  • Jorge is a passionate world traveler who enjoys experiencing different cultures and above all, widening his palate
  • His outlet for combining business and pleasure? ESOMAR. It allows him to attend multiple conferences and participate in global industry committees and initiatives