Dory Bejar Muñoz

Account Executive, Ecuador

Dory Bejar Muñoz, Account Executive with Firefly Millward Brown in Ecuador, is curious by nature and well-suited for the field of qualitative research. She’s adept and specific when determining the ultimate qualitative methodologies that will yield the best solutions for her clients.

With strong interpersonal skills and an understanding of information-gathering tools, she excels and leading and responsible for the management of field assignments. Dory’s experience with communication touch points for brands successfully focus on defining contact points that help our clients optimize their interaction and communication with consumers. She’s also skilled at zoning into the consumer mindset and layered variables they assess when they’re at the actual point of purchase.

Dory holds a degree in Engineering in Administrative Sciences from the Universidad de Guayaquil. She enjoys asserting her team-building and decision-making capabilities to create more streamlined environments and is often viewed as the person making sense of everything amidst the chaos.

Quick facts:

  • She enjoys her country’s gastronomy and all it has to offer, especially that of the seafood variety.
  • Dory’s experience spans a blend of consumer goods and physical and holistic health clients and brands including Pronaca, Plasticaucho , Family, Ministry of Education, Nestle, Toni, Alpina and Health SA.
  • Continuous learning is engrained in her DNA – from participation in training workshops about qualitative methodologies to more introspective work on insights, semiotic studies, ethnographic studies, she’s always engaged.