Jessica Elizabeth Agila Obregón

Junior Account Executive, Ecuador

Jessica Elizabeth Agila Obregón, Junior Account Executive with Firefly Millward Brown in Guayaquil, Ecuador, enjoys turning every challenge upside down to examine it from every angle. From her analytical perspective, she focuses on the processes and communication surrounding qualitative research projects. The outcomes include better management from the client’s viewpoint and vital collaborations with her coworkers for a successful fulfillment of each project’s objectives.

Jessica likes to envision the optimal interaction between the client and the consumer when working on creating communication touchpoints. She drills down to that critical moment in consumer behavior and the factors that influence brand selection. An outgoing and expressive person by nature with a degree in Social Communication and experience with brands like Pronaca, Cervecería Nacional, Familia, Nestlé and Ministerio de Salud, she’s been an asset to the Firefly team since 2013.

Quick facts:

  • On weekends and holidays, she’s an avid movie-goer and will contemplate various selections before committing to a ticket purchase.
  • When she’s not analyzing data and insights at work, she enjoys a mental break by traveling with her family.
  • Jessica loves animals and holds an especially soft spot for the canine variety.