Maria Susana Villagómez

Account Executive, Ecuador

Maria Susana Villagómez, Account Executive for Firefly Millward Brown in Ecuador, as a member of the qualitative team, brings unique value through knowledge of methodologies and sensory studies. She’s most engaged in highly collaborative environments in pursuit of the best contributions from her team that make the most meaningful impact for her clients.

Susana’s roles throughout her career include manufacturing management in product development with Moderna Alimentos S.A. and Gustapan SCC companies; and sensory evaluation with CONFITECA C.A. (Candies Company). This background informed much of her work over the past two years in qualitative research among a variety of categories like food and beverage, financial services and retail. At Firefly, she’s exercising her leadership skills and taking category, target exploration and new product development to new heights.

She completed a Diploma in Marketing from Tecnológico de Monterrey and later earned a master´s degree in Sensory Evaluation at the University of Murcia, Spain. Her coworkers and clients appreciate her keen mind for marketing and the in-depth sensory context she’s able to lend to any project like those with top clients including Nestlé, Mutualista Pichincha, El Comercio and Equivida.

Quick facts:

  • Susana holds a degree in Food Engineering at Universidad San Francisco de Quito and holds cooking near and dear. Friends and family benefit because she’s always looking for new and exciting recipes to prepare and share!
  • Susana seeks an active lifestyle and gains her much needed adrenaline rush through extreme sports like climbing. The last mountain she climbed was Cotopaxi.