Lucía Gálvez

Senior Research Executive, Guatemala

Lucía lives for interaction with consumers and seeking answers for brands. As Senior Research Executive with Firefly Millward Brown in Guatemala, she pairs her meticulous attention to detail with an uncanny ability to foster an open conversation with consumers. Through in-depth interviews, focus groups across industry types and age groups (including children) and playing the mystery shopper, she draws out insight that might otherwise be overlooked by a client.

With brands like Cervecería Centro Americana, Nestlé, Pepsico, Fritolay and Tigo in her portfolio over the past 12 years, she has built focused expertise in discovering the essence of the brand through the design and implementation of qualitative studies. These studies, paired with quantitative studies, then inform brand equity and positioning which she takes to a tactical level during concept evaluation and testing for new product development.

Lucia, who graduated from the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala with a degree in industrial psychology, is happy she made the intentional move to marketing research. It suits her and her clients well.

Quick Facts

  • Mother of three who creatively fits in family time.
  • Lucía takes photography to new levels by making scrapbooks.
  • Amidst chaos, she relishes in the details and strives for perfection.