Andrés López

Vice President, Mexico

Andrés’ training in politics and social sciences, combined with over 25 years in the market research industry, makes him a true expert on culture and how it affects consumer behavior. Prior to leading Firefly in México, Andrés worked as Department Director at Millward Brown Spain, and also published widely about Spanish culture and consumer studies for specialized organizations, such as Spanish Association of Human Rights and the Madrid Community Health Office. As Vice President in México, Andrés conducts qualitative research studies as well as coordinates the regional network of researchers in Latin America.

Andrés holds a degree in Politics and Social Sciences from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

Quick Facts:

  • Joined Firefly in 1990
  • Runs a conference about qualitative methodology and category segmentation in coordination with Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Has lectured at seminars for AMAI in México and ESOMAR Latin America about consumer habits and the culture of México City teenagers
  • Published an article called “Neuroscience and Qualitative Research” in the magazine, Segmento