Dina El Sehrawy

Head of Firefly North Africa, Cairo, Egypt

Dina El Sehrawy, Head of Firefly North Africa, in Cairo, Egypt, is a true generalist who believes strongly in cross-category learning as a key driver of growth and innovation. She’s put this concept to the test throughout her career, applying research expertise and observations across a wide array of categories to come up with unexpected insights that are new and fresh. Dina even teaches and trains clients and the Firefly team who want to learn more about her approach and definition of qualitative research.

Dina is inquisitive and creative, viewing research as a big adventure where she calls upon her inner psychologist, marketer, ethnographer and journalist. For example, using her psychology background, she turns brand equity studies inside out to discover the emotive layer of equity and positioning. Previous clients including Etisalat, Coca Cola, Nestle, Unilever and Nokia, have benefitted from Dina’s leadership of co-creation studies and development of new products and packaging.

She is a credible qualitative researcher with over a decade of international market, social and academic research experience with global blue-chip clients in MEA, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. She is experienced in various methodologies and techniques including segmentation, ethnographic studies, branding / positioning, conceptual development and evaluation and shopper/retail insight. Cross these areas of expertise with Dina’s product and industry categories like real estate, finance, technology, telecom, healthcare, transportation and energy, and you have an adaptable, well-rounded researcher and leader.

Quick Facts:

  • Growing up, she was a global nomad of sorts, so it would seem natural that Dina is British Egyptian and fluent in Arabic and English and holds bachelors of arts degrees in psychology, journalism and mass communication from the American University in Cairo
  • Dina is a social activist for mental health awareness and volunteers with organizations to ensure the rights of disabled people and empower females who live under the poverty line
  • Her zest for life that stared an adventure, found her lying flat on her back after falling 8m from a tree. She survived to tell the story and walked away with no broken bones!