Hadeel Mohamed Naguib

Senior qualitative research executive, Cairo, Egypt

Hadeel Mohamed Naguib, Senior Qualitative Research Executive in Firefly Millward Brown’s Cairo office, is a results-oriented critical thinker. With a focus in fast-moving consumer goods, she’s conducted creative development for brands, leading them from insight generation through concept testing. Her attention to detail and fascination with trends translates well to into the retail space where brands want to stand out.

Hadeel also knows new product development. She’s taken clients from the consumer need gaps understanding phase through product testing for processed food, culinary lines and dairy products. She’s also called upon her bachelor of science degree in pharmaceutical sciences from Cairo University in exploration studies for segments including baby care, dairy products and health and beauty products.

She’s establishing an educational NGO for sustainable initiatives and applying her expertise and background knowledge gathered while concept testing for detergents, dairy, haircare and culinary products. Hadeel has worked with clients like Novartis, Pfizer, Mobinil and Mondelez in the past and continues to enjoy the challenge of exploring potential with current clients at Firefly.

Quick facts:

  • Hadeel, graduate of the University of Ludwigsburg with a degree in international education management, thrives when she’s immersing herself in different cultures
  • She’s an education advocate who loves teaching children and creating new education-related products and services that can be easily reproduced and shared
  • Place anything classic, vintage, nature or travel-inspired from cinema tickets to seashells in front of Hadeel and she’s likely to sigh